Artist Statement

“While I strive for a conscientious imitation, I yet never for an instant lose the emotion that has taken hold of me.  Reality is one part of art, feeling completes it.”

Camille Corot


My paintings and drawings each represent an attempt to express and convey my deep connection with the natural world and the feelings it evokes in me.  Those feelings are grounded in a passion and reverence for the land and a love of the outdoors.  Since I work outside most of the time, the experience of the weather, the wind, the sounds I hear, the temperature, the “sense” of the day, all play a part in the creation of my work.  Though what is most compelling to me in the landscape – its unpredictable light, weather and moods – can be its most frustrating aspect.  These changes can drive me crazy, yet I embrace them because they change the way I think, forcing me out of ruts I am getting into, and opening me up to new ideas and unexpected directions.   More than anything else I welcome and appreciate the opportunity for quiet observation and the ideas, the insight, and the direction that doing the work brings to me.